2. I-It and I-Thou

Consciousness and the Body create both the I-It and the I-Thou experience

Beyond Buber

Martin Buber first published his seminal work I and Thou in 1927. That was nearly a century ago.  Buber did not have the exposure to things we know today, especially our recent learning about consciousness.  He was able to isolate and describe two forms of experience that make a great deal of difference in how we live our lives.  We are now able to do what Buber could not, and that is to describe how these contrary experiences come about.

I-It thinking is how we think when we are in our head center. I-It thinking results when we concentrate our consciousness in the mind and focus on our thoughts.  I-Thou experience occurs when we open ourselves to the unseen dimensions of the world around us.  We are able to feel more of other people than what they verbalize from their minds.

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