3. Visible World/Invisible World

Consciousness and the Body create a Visible World and an Invisible World

We take for granted that reality is what we absorb from the outer world around us. We use our five senses to take in this realty and then we use our mind to analyze what we have taken in.  This is the primary way that we—in our culture—construct a picture of life.  Intuitively we have a sense that there is more to reality than just what we experience through our 5 senses. But we are not sure how we can reliably expand our experience of life.

For most of us for there is a realization that we continually experience more in life ways than what we experience with our 5 senses.  We lack an adequate vocabulary and frame of reference to discuss all of this.   We use words like feeling, sensing, intuiting, silence, to get at this broader experience of life, but these terms seem inadequate for what we are trying to describe. 

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