4. Thinking/Feeling

Consciousness and the Body create Thinking and Feeling

Thinking and feeling are the two main ways that we experience being alive.  Carl Jung coined these two terms to help differentiate ways that we engage life. Thinking—which is associated with the Head Center—enables us to analyze data and rationalize what we experience.  Thinking is critical for solving problems and building our models of reality.  

Feeling—which is associated with our heart center—is a more amorphous process. Feeling involves opening up our inner world and taking in what is around us.  Feeling is rooted in the belief that there is more to life than physical reality and our thoughts about physical reality.  When we hone our inner receptors, we experience a much greater depth and dimensionality to life than what we experience with only the mind.  Life is fuller when we experience both the outer world and the inner world together.

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