5. Inside Time & Space/Outside Time & Space

1. Head Center/Heart Center

2. I-It and I-Thou

3. Visible World/Invisible World

4. Thinking/Feeling

5. Inside Time & Space/Outside Time & Space

Consciousness and the Body create both Inside and Outside Time and Space

    There are many layers to the hidden experience, which makes it more difficult to talk about.  It takes an iterative process to explore all of this.  It usually begins with an experience that we do not understand. Each experience is unique, but over time we begin to see patterns and sequences which appear similar.  If we follow this, it becomes more familiar and we become more trusting.  

Life no longer feels impersonal.  It is as if there is a world around us that understands us and what we need.  We start to build up trust in these experiences and what they reveal to us.  This other-worldly experience becomes the context for what Martin Buber called the I and Thou experience.

The inability to understand the inner world has often been the rationale for invalidating its existence.  Invalidating the experience becomes a rational for invalidating the person. This was rampant when I was growing up after WWII.  The period after the war was a time when psychology and psychiatry put great faith in science’s ability to establish the truth.  Any experience that lay outside the scientific view of “normality” was considered pathological.  People who trusted their inner their world were often regarded as pathological because their experiences lay outside the norms of established reality.  We still live with the after-effects of this denigration of our inner experience.

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