In a Nutshell

Here are the main points of this website.

1.  We humans are comprised of just 2 elements:

  • We are a body
  • We are also the consciousness that animates this body.

2.  The body has two centers:

  • the first center is the brain
  • the second center is the heart.

3.  These two Centers connect consciousness with our body: 

  • sentiency relates the mind to the visible world;
  • universal consciousness relates the heart to an invisible world.

4.  Each center provides a unique orientation.

  • The brain center orients our life in the outer world;
  • The heart center orients our life in the inner world.

5. The brain enables us to think about life, the heart enables us to feel life.

6.  We humans are out of balance:

  • We know a great deal about the mind and the outer world;
  • We know very little about the heart and the inner world.

7.  Our life —as Martin Buber pointed out 100 years ago—is badly out of balance.

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