Our Two Centers: The Head & The Heart

Each world—the outer and the inner—is a center.
These two centers are where our experience of life comes together.
Each center regulates how consciousness and the body work together.

The body links us to the outer world around us.
Consciousness links us to an intangible universal reality.
Our two centers bring life together in dramatically different ways.

Our experience of life is oriented around two distinct centers:

One center is the Head; the other center is the Heart.

We humans are a joint venture between consciousness and the body. This joint venture is oriented around two focal points which we call “centers.”

Each center has a location in the physical body:

  • the head center is located in the brain
  • the heart center is located in the chest.

Each center has a location in consciousness:

  • The head center is anchored in sentiency.
  • The heart center is surrounded by universal consciousness.
    • The thinking in the head center is a counterpoint to feeling in the heart center.
    • The feeling in the heart center is a counterpoint to thinking in the head center.

Over the centuries these two centers have grown apart. Now they are out of balance with one another.

The Head center has come to take on the weight of our entire life. Science has decreed that reality is limited to the outer world alone. There is nothing of substance and no reality in our inner world.

We were intended to experience both centers together in a harmonious wholeness of life. This is not happening. The result is a human civilization which is seriously out of balance. We are like a ship that is listing badly to one side; we need to right this ship so that we can sail forward smoothly and effectively.

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