Our Two Centers

Our life embraces two worlds:  one of these worlds is visible and the other is not. 

Our life is designed for us to experience two worlds together in the harmonious wholeness of life. These two worlds are the visible world and the invisible world. 

The body links us to the outer world. This is the visible world; consciousness links us to an intangible universal reality. This is the invisible world. 

The body and consciousness together create the wholistic experience of being alive.  

But for most of us, life is not happening in this way.

Most of us do Not Experience the Invisible World

Most of us experience the outer world around us just fine.  But we are confused about the invisible world. We have little or no direct experience of this world, and without direct experience it is hard to develop a cognitive grasp of something we have little experience of. 

(Note: Many of us equate the invisible world with our personal realm (see the Aliveness Model.)  The personal realm is inside of us. This personal realm is that part of consciousness where we evaluate the events of our outer life and consider how we want to react to those events.  These thoughts and emotions inside of us are all about us and what we have experienced. The personal realm has no reality outside of our own mind and emotions. The Personal Realm does not exist in the outer world or in the invisible world.) 

Which brings us to the subject of our two centers.

Each center has a physical location in the body. The head center is located in the brain; the heart center is located in the chest.

Each center has a location in consciousness: 

The head center is anchored in sentiency; The heart center is an inseparable part of universal consciousness.

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