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Of all these 10 websites, this one is arguably the most important!

One of our first websites—Humanity’s Dilemma—was written in 2018 and describes the problems that we, as a human race, face. It addresses our inability to come together as a race of people and to solve our most intractable human problems. Since then, things have only gotten worse. The fabric of our society is unravelling.

It is here that we explore the reasons why humanity is in trouble. 

To compound this, this reason for this problem is almost impossible to explain. I know. I have been trying to explain this since 2016. I began by writing about enlightenment, but I came to realize that what we call enlightenment is actually our own natural state of being.

There is nothing special about it. It is the way we are born to be. 

But if this is true, then why are we are not all enlightened?

Something prevents us from living as we were intended to live. Someplace along the line the human race has come to believe that we can only survive by using our mind. Only the mind can enable us to evolve further. 

This reliance on the mind has blossomed into an enchantment with technology.  For many of us, technology has become our god.

for we believe nothing if not that history is moving us toward some preordained paradise and that technology is the force behind that movement.

Marc Postman

To this end, we now see a strong movement to teach only S.T.E.M. courses in college.

We have hit a dead-end and we do not even realize it.

The Root of the Problem

There is a major aspect of our human life which we do not understand.

We cannot see it. We cannot hear it. We cannot touch it. We cannot analyze it with our mind.

But we can feel it. We can feel this invisible reality in and around our body. 

It is this dimension to life that we must come to understand—and learn how to experience it.

We can feel this reality inside our body, but we cannot analyze it with our mind. 

Over the years we have developed a vocabulary of words that attempt to describe these experiences. This include words 

like intuition, feeling, instinct, heart, gut, etc. These words allude to inner experiences that we can feel but our mind cannot comprehend. We know that our experience is real, and we often understand what it means. But our mind does not know how it is that we know this.

How Do We Understand What the Mind Cannot Comprehend?

For years now, educated people have accepted the claim of science that the material world is all the reality that exists. The afterlife was something else again and it was unknowable to us while we were still alive. We were all taught—indoctrinated actually—that reality was that which we saw with our eyes, heard with our ears, felt with our skin, tasted with our tongue and smelled with our nose. We accepted what science told us was true because science had learned their truth through rigorous scientific analysis.

This worked as long as people went along with it. But as we have recently experienced, the acceptance of science as the arbiter of all reality is now widely challenged. In its place are influence seekers who want to make a fast buck and make a name for themselves. Our consensus reality is gone. Much of our collective pain today is the result of our grasping hold of the 3-dimensional world and proclaiming it to be the only reality there is.

Science tells us that life on earth is the result of the big bang and the process of evolution. Human life is the results of random processes and the survival of the fittest. Consciousness is (somehow) created in the brain. Scientists talk as if all this is a proven fact, but it is not. It is as much conjecture as the ideas presented here. All these unknowns simply mean that Newtonian science is sometimes more like a religion than true science.)

For a long time, human groups on earth embraced both the metaphysical experiences they received from universal consciousness and the problem-solving capabilities they developed with their brains. These early cultures recognized the importance of both the metaphysics of consciousness and the pragmatic problem-solving needed by the body and incorporated them into their mythical beliefs and rituals.

This all changed with a movement in western Europe called the enlightenment. It was decreed that humans no longer needed to conduct their metaphysical ceremonies. All that was needed was to develop reason and the capacities of the human mind. In time, science as a system of knowledge and problem solving, would take care of all of our needs. We turned to science and the human mind to answer all our problems. And we lost touch with the healing powers of universal consciousness.

We are discovering, in this age of fake news and relative realities, that there is a lot of life that science cannot address.

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