1. Head Center/Heart Center

Consciousness and the Body Together Create the Head Center and the Heart Center

Consciousness and the body are opposites: something has tobind them together. The binding function is provided by two centers: The Head and the Heart. 

The head center thinks and the heart center feels.

The head center and the heart center have a connection to both the body and to consciousness. Thinking in the head center is a counterpoint to feeling in the heart center.

 The Head Center is formed by the connection of the brain in the body with a specific form of consciousness called sentiency.  Sentiency employs the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin to experience an outer world around us.

The feeling in the Heart Center is a counterpoint to thinking in the head center. The Heart Center combines a form of consciousness that we call feeling to give us another way to experience the outer world around us.  Feeling is a state of receptivity.  When we feel we remain still at our inner core.  This stillness enables us to feel the outer world within our inner world.

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